Heart Red


We have before us a musical collection that brings to mind the popular, beloved, vernacular songbook of Mexico, a veritable melodious document of great historic worth, thanks to the words that portray the past in many of this album’s songs. This in itself is important: to bring to the present a lyrical discourse on the passions and musical expressions that characterize our country. Equally important in this album is the fresh and honest incantation of songs performed by the singer, with her trademark high quality vocals, expressive nuances and profound latitudes. Geo Meneses –who over the years has sought out composers from her own land of Oaxaca as her medium for expression through song, has now let her passions get the best of her. Here is a bouquet of sentiment: grief, heartbreak, prayers, expectations, loss and dark sleeplessness, all wrapped into a single voice that rebels and alerts us to the fact that… Geo Meneses is now another singer.